First full day in Nevada started with an awesome waffle, scrambled eggs and bacon. Next up, road trip to Las Vegas. Hour long drive led to the first stop, the M&M Store. Four floors of chocolate-y goodness.

Next stop was Fremont Street Experience. Old downtown Las Vegas just ain’t what it used to be. Lots of walking and “interesting” people. Saw a couple members of KISS. Okay, not really them, just some guys all dressed up with a whole lot of makeup and seven inch platform shoes. Then there was Captain Morgan. With characters like this walking all around you, who needs alcohol?

It was a very nice day. Of course walking tomorrow will be very difficult. My feet, legs and back are almost in full revolt. Only time during our 6 hour excursion that we got to sit down, other than the drive, was at a slot machine. Happy to report though that I left Vegas up $5.50! Wonder what I will spend it on…