Today we all caravanned out to The Valley of Fire. Mom and I were lucky to ride with Chris who served as our tour guide. As we drove through he told us about the Valley and the trails throughout. Of course the information center is also a gift shop, so I do have souvenirs for the dear husband.

While visiting we got to watch some chipmunks play. I really enjoyed watching them with my 2 year old cousin. Of course I took plenty of pictures of the chipmunks and the beautiful scenery, but cannot share until I return to Texas and download them from my camera.

I would love to paint the picture for you but there is no way I could ever do it justice. I was able to capture images of the ancient petroglyphs that are from 700 to 2400 years old. Not sure of the age of the ones I captured but you can see the people that were drawn. It is just amazing to see such things.

I cannot wait to get back home and spend time scrap booking all of these memories. Until then, it’s family reunion time. Here is a picture of the family enjoying dinner.