This evening was an absolute blast. After debating whether or not I wanted to even go into Vegas again, I acquiesced to peer pressure and went. So very happy I did.

We traveled back to Fremont Street by way of the Golden Nugget. Once inside I put $5 into a penny slot machine and within minutes I was up to $28. Woo Hoo. After cashing out I moved to another machine. Yippee…another $20 profit. Decided not to press my luck and moved on.

After a wonderful buffet dinner of oysters, crab legs, prime rib, potstickers and sushi it was time for the Fremont Street Experience light show. We were treated to a live Bon Jovi concert on the ceiling (circa some time in the 80’s). Then it was time to leave; but a special treat was in store for Mom, we drove down the strip so she could see Vegas at night. Again, so glad I decided to go.

One more day and we start out trip back home. I cannot wait to get home and hug Don and get wet kisses from my Calvin and Hobbes.