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Our final night on the road, we camped at an RV park with a hotel and casino. The hotel and casino were across a busy road from the park so we had to catch a shuttle.

After getting the RV set up and hooked up the shuttle still wasn’t there. A decision had to be made. Thank God for the decision to eat in the RV and not go gamble. We were all so exhausted and just wanted to go to bed.

For the first time in a week we woke up at 7, not 5:30. Finally, the day had arrived; we would be home today. A little grumpiness and anxiety kicked in, especially when the wind really kicked in. We rocked our way towards home. A slight detour took us to Winslow, AZ. The Eagles made a corner very famous and we got to see it. Just a little bit of music history.

A few more gas stops and a blizzard run had us pulling into house at about 10 p. m. I don’t think I have ever unpacked and repacked vehicles so fast. I want to start my drive home as soon as possible.

Thank you God for our safe travels and my family.


Today we started our 20 hour trip back home. Goal was to leave hotel at 7 a.m., that didn’t work out very well. We hit the road just before 9 a.m.

Heading home is really different from the trip out. After a week away everyone is anxious to get home.

I am very grateful for this opportunity to bond with my family. However, next time I fly into Vegas…

Tonight’s video is of the Fremont Street Experience in Vegas. Each hour after dark the have a light show with old concert footage displayed on the ceiling. It is very cool!Fremont Street Experience

This evening was an absolute blast. After debating whether or not I wanted to even go into Vegas again, I acquiesced to peer pressure and went. So very happy I did.

We traveled back to Fremont Street by way of the Golden Nugget. Once inside I put $5 into a penny slot machine and within minutes I was up to $28. Woo Hoo. After cashing out I moved to another machine. Yippee…another $20 profit. Decided not to press my luck and moved on.

After a wonderful buffet dinner of oysters, crab legs, prime rib, potstickers and sushi it was time for the Fremont Street Experience light show. We were treated to a live Bon Jovi concert on the ceiling (circa some time in the 80’s). Then it was time to leave; but a special treat was in store for Mom, we drove down the strip so she could see Vegas at night. Again, so glad I decided to go.

One more day and we start out trip back home. I cannot wait to get home and hug Don and get wet kisses from my Calvin and Hobbes.

Today we all caravanned out to The Valley of Fire. Mom and I were lucky to ride with Chris who served as our tour guide. As we drove through he told us about the Valley and the trails throughout. Of course the information center is also a gift shop, so I do have souvenirs for the dear husband.

While visiting we got to watch some chipmunks play. I really enjoyed watching them with my 2 year old cousin. Of course I took plenty of pictures of the chipmunks and the beautiful scenery, but cannot share until I return to Texas and download them from my camera.

I would love to paint the picture for you but there is no way I could ever do it justice. I was able to capture images of the ancient petroglyphs that are from 700 to 2400 years old. Not sure of the age of the ones I captured but you can see the people that were drawn. It is just amazing to see such things.

I cannot wait to get back home and spend time scrap booking all of these memories. Until then, it’s family reunion time. Here is a picture of the family enjoying dinner.


Friday is finally here and so is almost all of the family. It was a very lazy day waiting for everyone to show up. Late afternoon brought time for swimming and a little time in the breezy desert sun.

Speaking of which, if you ever decide to spend some time visiting The Valley of Fire in Nevada might I suggest you stay at the North Shore Inn at Lake Mead in Overton. The owners are amazing and you will be well cared for. Breakfast is included as is free wireless Internet.

Tomorrow is the big reunion day. I will make sure to post a family photo in my next post.

Until tomorrow, good night Nevada.

First full day in Nevada started with an awesome waffle, scrambled eggs and bacon. Next up, road trip to Las Vegas. Hour long drive led to the first stop, the M&M Store. Four floors of chocolate-y goodness.

Next stop was Fremont Street Experience. Old downtown Las Vegas just ain’t what it used to be. Lots of walking and “interesting” people. Saw a couple members of KISS. Okay, not really them, just some guys all dressed up with a whole lot of makeup and seven inch platform shoes. Then there was Captain Morgan. With characters like this walking all around you, who needs alcohol?

It was a very nice day. Of course walking tomorrow will be very difficult. My feet, legs and back are almost in full revolt. Only time during our 6 hour excursion that we got to sit down, other than the drive, was at a slot machine. Happy to report though that I left Vegas up $5.50! Wonder what I will spend it on…